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Zenith was founded by a handful of people who became friends. We decided that we wanted to share our knowledge with the world at an affordable rate. For most of us, teaching is our full time job. We love to help, encourage and empower others from one continent to another.

Zenith is 100% online. We use Facebook groups as a meeting place for our classes and we use unique software that allows you to hear us and see us (if necessary) while we show you the information. You are given worksheets and hand outs based on the classes and some of us even give homework and exams.

We are currently working with LearnItLive to┬áprovide┬áprivate recordings “on demand” for those of you who cannot attend a live class. You will get the same experience and teachings, as well as a community of people just like you.

If you are interested in our classes or just want to learn a bit more about our tutors and the students, visit our Facebook group.

Psychic Medium Development Certification .

You may also click (contact me) with any questions you may have.