Have you ever wondered about spirit guides? Who are angels? Do we all have guides? Why do we die? This book is directly channeled from the author’s spirit guides and angels. There are reasons we go through suffering and pain. This book can help you to understand much of what goes on in your life and why. It answers some interesting questions about what we are doing here on planet earth.








Windows of my Soul –

Laura grew up as any normal child, with dolls and friends. The difference was that she could see and talk to the dead. For years she learned to stay silent about her secret until she was old enough to understand the impact she could have helping the grieving. Through major life experience; learning someone hired hit men for her murder, her accidental death during child birth as well as losing everything in the economic crisis, she has come back stronger and more intune with the world and the people in it. Take a journey through the life of a psychic/ medium and you may see some similarities in your own life as well.