Hi, It’s nice to meet you!  This page is a bit about who I am and why I do what I do.

I grew up like any normal child. I played with Barbies and Matchbox cars, the only difference is that unlike most kids my age, I could see images of people who had passed on.  At first I couldn’t hear them as I do today. Mostly they scared me.

My mother was psychic and really trusted in her gut feelings. I grew up feeling that this was normal.

At age 7 I was able to find lost things. My father would say “Where are my keys?” and I’d see them pop into my mind. “Under the blanket on the sofa, they fell out of your pocket.”

Thankfully my parents were encouraging and I believed that everyone could do what I do. That was far from how it was. .


retro-lauraAt 15 is when I started to realize that I was different. So different, that people would call me a freak or weird. Some even called me possessed.

This is when I decided that my life, seeing dead people, wasn’t worth living and I attempted suicide. I failed.

I never told anyone about what I could see and quietly debated asking my family church for an exorcism. There must be a reason I was seeing dead people and they were impressing thoughts and feelings to me. I was possessed.

At 17 is when my grandmother on my mother’s side passed over. She wouldn’t leave me alone. Her favorite place was the shower.  I would be singing a song and her voice would interrupt me.

This was the first time I could actually hear spirits in my head. She kept telling me to tell my mom things. Like ‘Thank you for planting the Hollyhocks and no, I don’t need a grave blanket, they cost too much, save your money.’

It’s very difficult at that age to talk to your parents about most things, but hearing and seeing dead people was probably high up on that list.

For weeks, she kept insisting. Finally to shut her up, I did it.  My mother’s mouth hung open and I thought “Oh great… she thinks I’m crazy too.”

Tears formed in her eyes and she hugged me.  “I’ve been asking Grandma for a sign and she came through you.”   This was when my mother finally realized, I was a medium.

She didn’t know much about mediums though and I continued to fumble through life and hoped that it would just go away.

In my 20s I met a witch. She was very interesting and different. Shawn knew what a medium was and helped me in so many ways to understand the abilities and talents I had been given. She taught me one of the most important lessons that I teach today. “Boundaries”. I could control this!

Because of my struggle through life, I have vowed to teach and empower others, who like myself, struggled to understand why we were “different”. I began joining online boards and groups. Meeting many interesting people who shared the same experiences. Through what I had learned I started teaching them informally. One of those people I met is still my best friend and fellow psychic medium today.

Many people would message me or ask me to help them understand the visions, the voices and the feelings. It became almost too much to bear. A Facebook group was created so I could help more people in one place. That grew to 5,000 people in a little over two years.  I had to go bigger!

This is how Zenith School was born. I now work with a handful of talented instructors who teach a variety of things in the metaphysical studies arena.

I hope you click the tab and find out more about the school that I have started to help fellow seekers like me.

I am now married to my best friend Nathan, living on the East Coast. We have two teenagers, two dogs, 3 ferrets, 2 bunnies 6 and  furry felines!

Laura Evans – Medium